Marriage and Couples Therapy

There is really nothing more rewarding then sitting with two people as they begin to rekindle the deep feelings of love that have become lost under the cover of fear, pain and confusion.

My work focuses on creating secure emotional bonds between people. When this security is increased, there is proven evidence that depression dissipates, anxiety is alleviated and loneliness and isolation are transformed into open, loving connections.

Relationships are always changing, as people are.  Although change is normal and healthy, sometimes it can become very scary and destabilizing either for ourselves or for what our partner may be going through.  Therapy brings into focus the places within ourselves that are ready to heal and transform.  With the right person to guide you through these invariable rocky terrains of relationship, you can come out the other side feeling stronger, happier and more empowered both individually and as a couple.  Knowing that together you can traverse these challenges allows for a more enlivened, secure and joy-filled relationship.

Whether you feel stuck in old patterns that you can’t seem to find your way out of or the loneliness and disconnection is just getting too painful, the moment you decide your relationship is worth saving is the moment you begin the journey.  Sometimes people don’t know, but it’s usually worth finding out.  There is very thin between when partners experience a relationship as “troubled” and when they feel it as “too late to work on”. Research shows that couples experience approximately 6 years of discord before their relationship ends.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is the foundation of my couple’s work.  This experiential/systemic therapy focuses on helping partners restructure the emotional responses that maintain their negative patterns.  EFT is now one of the best delineated and empirically validated approaches in the field of couple therapy.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

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Goals of EFT
  • To expand and reorganize key emotional responses.
  • To create a shift in partners’ interactional positions.
  • To foster the creation of a secure bond between partners.
Strengths of EFT
  • Clear, explicit conceptualizations of relationship distress and adult love.  These conceptualizations are supported by empirical research on the nature of couple distress and adult attachment.
  • Change strategies and interventions are specified.  The change process has been mapped into nine steps and specific change events.
  • EFT is empirically validated and there is also research on the change process and predictors of success.
  • EFT has been applied to many different kinds of problems and populations.

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Pre-Marital Therapy  can help you shine a light on your unique path, bringing a sense of grounded collaboration and invaluable tools to work with throughout your lives together.

Relationship Closure work is really about knowing that the way we end a relationship not only speaks to the relationship itself, but also informs our next relationship.  Whether you want conscious closure, or the basic ability to be able to work together post-divorce for the sake of your children, you can have tools to communicate and negotiate without conflict.

Interpersonal Neurobiology shows that, because the brain has plasticity, new neural pathways can be created affording the ability to change internalized perceptions , increase levels of emotional regulation and access increased empathy, connection and love.  So, by accessing and integrating feelings in a healthy and loving way, we can literally foster new feelings of affection and hope, while at the same time, helping to heal past experiences of pain.  Click HERE to read more about Neurobiology.

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